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Neither Blonde Nor Brunette: Bronde Hair Color

Neither Blonde Nor Brunette: Bronde Hair Color

There is a popular hair color today that women are flocking to, because it takes wearing your hair natural to a whole new level. The “Bronde” hair color is a little bit of blonde mixed with brown, which depending on your style there can be more brown than blonde or vice versa. This color style originated in 2007 when model “Gisele Bundchen” popularized it, but today it is back in style and is one of the hottest hair colors for 2012.

The thing that makes the Bronde look so attractive is its organic, natural aspect, and many women are going for looks that are simple yet beautiful. There are many variations of bronde hair color because whether you are naturally blonde or brunette you can subtly add the other one into your hair. This shade of hair provides a natural sun kissed tone to it, and it makes it appear as your hair’s color has naturally faded from being out in the sun.

The main reason for why women color their bronde hair (not only because it is a beautiful shade) is because many times they want to go blonde. However, with many women going from brunette to bombshell blonde does not match up with their skin tone, so bronde is the alternative. For some brunettes going blonde would wash out their face, and even the darker blondes will have this effect on them. Those who will benefit from bronde hair rather than blonde vary from those with pale skin tones to medium/olive tones.

Also, eye color ties into who would look best with bronde hair, and those with warmer shades (brown, hazel, green, etc.) will benefit by going bronde instead of blonde. Bronde hair is not only for brunettes who want to go blonde, but there are numerous blondes who desire this hair color. However, to achieve the bronde look for a blonde they will first need to dye their hair the brunette color and then re-dye the blonde.

Because this style of hair is so versatile, you can dye it so many different ways, which with the numerous shades of brunette and blonde you can make the Bronde look your own. One variation of the Bronde look is the ombre shade, which is a gradual dark to light style (usually darkest at the roots and lightest at the tips). Choosing the right color of brunette and blonde will give you the perfect blend to make your bronde hair stand out. If you have naturally light to medium brown hair, the blondes that will work best for you are medium to dark ones (such as golden blonde, caramel, etc.).

However, if your hair is a darker brown, you have an array of blonde shades to choose from as you can go from light to dark blonde. The popular Bronde look is dark brown roots with light blonde going down to the tips. Although, the full head does not become but only certain pieces of your hair, so that there is that beautiful blend of Bronde color. How this works, is that a couple of the top layer sections of the hair has different volume lifting crèmes added to it, which lightens the hair according to the desired shade.

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