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Android Parental Control App

Android Parental Control App

“Use the Android parental control to ensure that your underage teen doesn’t drive”

Youngsters are always interested in independence and for many of them driving seem to be the greatest form of freedom and rebellion; even if they are legally not allowed to drive. Parents can now keep check on their underage teens’ activities to make sure that they do not take the car without permission.

This can be achieved through the Android parental control and by discreetly installing it in their child’s Android phone. By doing this they can get updates about their children and what they do through their phones and on their computers, when connected to the Internet.

The Android parental control app has the feature which allows parents complete access to the SMS messages, phone calls and emails sent and received on their teen’s phone. Parents can use this tool to keep an eye on all the plans that their teen makes and can figure out if any of those plans include their underage child behind the wheel – whether it be their own car or a friend’s – and they can use the parental control app to intervene and stop such plans from coming to fruition.

There are many times when teenagers will try to be sneaky and give their parents the slip by taking the car out at night. Parents can now know the exact location of their underage teen at all times, thanks to the Android cell phone tracking system.

This feature of the Android parental control app works with and without GPS and can pinpoint where the underage driver is. Hence if the car is missing at night and they suspect their teen to be driving it, they will know for sure by checking his whereabouts and can take the steps necessary to stop such incidents from occurring again.

The option of picture logging is also available through the Android parental control app which grants parents access to their teen’s photo gallery and by going through this they can check if there is any proof of their kids being behind the wheel.

When with friends, teenagers tend to lose all their inhibitions and will do anything risky to prove their ‘coolness’. This includes disobeying their parents and the law by underage driving which can be prevented if parents use the spy call feature of the Android parental control app. Through a spy call, parents can hear a recording of the sounds surrounding their teen and can ascertain whether their kid is driving or not.

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Jenifer has been playing with Android spy software for as long as cell phone spies have existed. She’s tested and reviewed every spy app for cell phones that’s ever hit the cellular world. She writes regularly about his findings to alert readers of what’s in and what’s out when it comes to cell phone spies.

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